Improving the quality of Environment, obtaining 100% customer satisfaction, Quality of products and process, continuous improvement, excellent workmanship, high flexibility and quickness in replying to customers requirements are the leading factors and prime Objectives in ARROWTECH.

The field of activities for the company range from CNG retro fitments for OEMS, after market CNG retro fitments and Vehicle Speed Limiters right from assembling, wholesale, retailing and installation. With Focus on clean and green environment very soon we are launching ours own CNG conversion technology for ours customers.

We had developed capabilities and Technologies which have made us the leaders in CNG conversions for automobiles, Gensets and other combustion engines. Till now we had already converted more than 5000 cars in various segments which are running successfully. Apart from the conversion of petrol vehicles the company has done major conversion on diesel segments which are running successfully from last 2 years in delhi.

The Organization structure of company is set up at Badli are situated the production, logistics, R&D, and a huge workshop Floor space of 25000 Sq feets area equipped with all latest diagnostics tools, instruments and soft wares for sophisticated vehicle tuning applications. Altogether the Company has a total of 20 employees of whom 5 are Engineers, 10 Technicians, and 5 staff members. The reception staff are well trained to explain the customers their exact needs and offer best solutions for conversions and after sales.

We have a team consisting of well trained and highly experienced technicians, engineers, designers and installers who are extensively trained in various technologies varying from Venturi, Open Loop, Lambda Control Systems, and latest injection technologies and have made successful conversions on all the models of cars available in the country using the latest technologies incorporated in the conversions. We are one of the most efficient in terms of CNG conversion and installation which are passed through stringent quality checks to give each customer the most appropriate solution to maximize the service of the Engine.

The company has dealership of almost all major conversion systems in the market. The strategic partners of the company are listed below:

1) Everest Kanto Cylinders

2) Rama Cylinders

3) Nitin Cylinders

4) Maruti Koatsu Cylinders

5)Tomasetto Achille

6) Landy Renzo

7) BRC

8) Buggati

9) Micro Autotech (Pioneers of Speed Limiters in India)

Certification of components and injection systems, Dealership of Major OEMs in India, Conversion Projects overseas in Asia, Up gradation of Workshop, Setting up Branches, sale of ancillaries, set up of call centre to provide 24/7 service for the customers are the future agenda of the company.